Next, let's move on to the section of answering frequently asked questions that customers often have about the HiLoan application.

Does HiLoan scam its customers?

In fact, HiLoan is a loan application with extremely flexible interest rates that can be adjusted. Therefore, the interest rates that the application offers always fall within the government's permissible range, and there is no fraudulent behavior towards customers. Furthermore, HiLoan will not retain any collateral from customers or require original documents. Therefore, reports of HiLoan scamming are incorrect. When customers borrow money from HiLoan, they will not face any risks. However, before deciding to borrow money, customers should carefully research the following important issues:

  1. Carefully search for information about the company.
  2. Determine the correct phone number and contact address of HiLoan.
  3. Laws regarding taxes and financial fields.
  4. Determine if the terms and prices are public.

HiLoan also commits to completely secure the information that customers provide when registering an account. After the customer has checked and reviewed the information again before registering, their safety and avoidance of being scammed will be ensured. In addition, customers will not encounter any unwanted risks in the future.

Will non-payment of loans from HiLoan lead to legal action?

HiLoan is a loan application with interest rates that fall within the permissible range set by the government. Therefore, customers can easily borrow money without encountering any risks or disapproval from the government. However, in the event that a customer borrows money but does not pay it back, the application will remind them. If the borrower still intentionally refuses to repay, they will be listed in a difficult-to-collect debt list. After that, the borrower will not be able to continue borrowing from HiLoan or any other financial organization. In addition, to prevent negative impact on the borrower's credibility, HiLoan's staff may post about the issue on social media to make more people aware. Finally, the application will proceed with legal proceedings in accordance with the law.

What documents do customers need to prepare when borrowing money from HiLoan?

So when a customer needs to borrow money from the HiLoan application, what documents do they need to prepare? Here are the basic documents needed to complete the loan process quickly:

  1. Proof of identity verified by the government that is still valid.
  2. Information about the bank account that the borrower is currently using.

After the customer has provided complete information and completed the necessary procedures, the money will be transferred to their account almost immediately.